Master Spring & Wire Form Co.

Steve Skolozynski

“We have used IP Automation for three robotic cells on our current machines. The projects involve machining operations and automated racking of wire formed components. When the projects were presented to IP Automation they quickly understood our goal and offered us a cost efficient solution to justify our investment. We are very satisfied with our equipment and support by IP Automation and we plan on using IP automation to automate more operations in our shop.”

Automatic Spring Products

Mike Oosterhouse

We approached IPA for a few production programs that included several complex operations to complete finished assemblies. Working with IPA on the design, launch, and installation was very relaxed, yet professional. As with any complex system, working out the bugs after installation can make or break the program. We have been very pleased with the results. IPA has been extremely cooperative and quick to support us regardless of the cause of any issues we have experienced. We plan on using IP Automation in the future.