Flexmat Automation Cells

  • Flexible Automation, Run different parts with quick changeover

  • Servo adjust-ability for easy setup and minimal tooling

  • From coil or magazine feed
  • Up to 32 Servo axis
  • Up to 6 Bending stations
  • Optional Integrated Stress relieving and Nylon or PVC coating Stations
  • Built in cooling station
  • Vision guided assembly Station
  • Secondary station options including assembly by clinching or clipping
  • Multiple Wireforms, stamping and plastic inserts can be adapted for assembly

Assembly Cells

  • Assembly Cells for automotive components
  • Multiple wireforms and assemblied
  • Operations include clipping, clinching, spot welding, mig welding and other joining techniques.
  • Can be integrated to other machinery for complete autonomous manufacturing
  • Cells can be reconfigured for different product lines

Stress Relieving and Nylon Coating Lines

  • Stress Relieving Automation with coating
  • Conventional Oven, Resistance, Induction and Infrared Technologies
  • Robotic Manipulation for efficient changeover and minimal tooling
  • Coating using Nylon,PVC or other thermoplastics
  • Multiple Color Coating available at a time
  • Standard Powder Hoppers with Auger delivery systems for minimal powder loss
  • Standard Cooling racks with optional robotic packaging solutions
  • Operator loaded racks or fully automated connected to existing machinery

Resistance Welding Cells

  • Fanuc R1000iA-80 through R2000iA-210F
  • Servo Rotary Table
  • Optional Obara or Tolomatic Servo Guns
  • Build in quick tooling plates for quick changeover
  • RFID capability to minimize setup mistakes
  • Light Curtain or Safety scanner operator loaded options
  • Can be integrated to multiple wire benders for automatic forming and welding cells
  • Optional Automated Tote conveying systems for packaging